New Passion

Most weeks it is easy for me to write something in support of a Sunday theme, but this is not one of them.  I can get excited about some things, but I am not the most passionate person.  When I think about passion, I think about deep emotion, strong commitment and a long term dedication. 

If I was to compare passion to an animal, it would be a dog.  Every time you walk in the door a dog greets you as if you are the most important being to walk the earth and as if you had been away for months, rather than minutes.

I’m more like a cat.  I can get excited over something for a few minutes.  I might even walk half way to the door to greet you, but sooner or later, and that is usually sooner, I’m going to go back to lazing around.

So, I find it hard to write something about New Passion, when I’m not sure I even had the old one.  However, even in my limited range of deep emotion, I recognize when even that is in deficit.  When I’d rather sit on the couch and veg, than get up and do something.  I can see it in my spiritual life, when I quickly read through a bible passage, rather than take the time to think about it and let it soak in and speak to me.  When I quick launch off a prayer, rather than make the effort to pray deeply.  When I stumble into church half awake, rather than arrive full of anticipation and longing to be with others in worship.

So, while the word passion may imply something a little too deep to describe me, the idea that I can drift and in turn need a renewal of my spirit does resonate.  How about you?  Are you passionate (whatever that may look like in your life) about your faith, or do need to find a new passion in your faith?

Anyway, this Sunday at The Sunday Gathering is where you can ignite that new passion.  I am going to work hard at arriving all fired up and ready to worship, engage and grow in my faith.

As usual: 10:30am – Food and Friends and 11:00am – Worship and Inspiration.

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